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亚搏手机版app官网:家长必读:爸妈的十个经典谎言 看你中了几枪(双语)呢?

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The role of parents to their kids is very critical. In fact, majority of the kids believe that their parents are always right. Hence, some parents would force to follow wrong traditions in disciplining kids with lies。1.Santa Visits Good Kids 圣诞老人只爱人乖孩子 This is a very classical and historical lie that had been part of the parents rule in disciplining their kids. In fact, whenever December is up, they would remind their kids to sleep on time, be good at school, and do their homework so Santa will not forget to bring gifts to good children. But in reality, parents are their Santas。这可以说道是父母管束小孩的看板谎言。

每年12月圣诞到来之际,父母就不会规劝小孩要如期睡觉、只想上学、认真完成作业,否则收不到圣诞礼物。只不过啊,圣诞老人不就是他们自己嘛! 2. Vegetable Will Make You a Hero 不吃蔬菜,做到大力水手 Majority of kids are not really in the habit and culture of being accustomed to eat leafy and other green vegetables. The best way to convince them is to let them know that they can be some sort of a hero once they have pieces of them。

多数小孩不爱吃蔬菜。于是父母就骗说道,多不吃蔬菜能显得像大力水手一样得意呢! 3. I Feel More the Pain than You Do 你痛我更加痛 Just to pacify their kids not to be afraid with injection or vaccination, they would tell them that it is much painful for them than during the early days. At times, they would also say that the pain is comparable to the bite of an ant。

为了恳求惧怕打针或疫苗疫苗的孩子,父母一般不会回应他们当年可要痛得多。有时他们也说道:没事儿,就像被蚂蚁Hate了一下,一点儿也不痛! 4. Parents Are Busy Sleeping 爸妈睡觉,小孩勿扰 When parents want to spend some private moment with each other, they would inform their children that they would take a nap for a while so they have to keep themselves off from knocking to their room。

父母想要分开过二人时刻的时候,不会跟小孩说道:爸妈要午休,别来进门哦。5. Truth Will Keep You from Trouble 讲真话就万事大吉 In order for them to know the truth, they would tell their kids that once they tell everything they will be okay and no one and nothing can harm them. Hence, in most cases, no one has been kept from the consequences of wrong actions。



6. We Are Not Shouting, We Are Just Explaining 我们没有争吵,只是商量事情 When parents are caught fighting by their children, they would just simply explain that they are just explaining things to each other, although in reality, they are really quarrelling over specific concerns or problems。当被小孩看见争吵时,他们不会说道这只是商量事情而已。

实质上,他们真会为鸡毛蒜皮的事情争吵呢。7. I Know Exactly What You Are Doing 你的一举一动,我了如指掌 Even before kids could do their thing, they would be warned by their parents that whenever they do, whether they might hide it or not, their parents know what they are actually up to。做到任何事情之前,小孩总能听见父母的碎碎念:你呀,甭管啥时候想要做到啥事,都难逃我的眼睛! 8. I Know Everything Than You Do 我过的桥比你回头的路多 In order to convince their kids that they are right, they would explain that they are older than their kids and they know better than they do. Experience wise, they might know a lot, but it does not mean that they are knowledgeable in all things。

为在小孩面前树立权威,父母一般都会摆谱儿撒谎自己学养无数。他们显然经验丰富,但不一定就无所不知哈! 9. Dont Eat Chocolate It Will Cause You More Acne 不吃巧克力不会长痘痘 This lie does not only work for kids but it is commonly shared by parents to their growing children who are approaching teenage years. In fact, whenever parents see that there are zits coming out on the facial areas of their kids, they would still tell up to now that its all because of too much munching on chocolates。不仅小小孩不会听见这种警告,青春期孩子也不会。父母一旦找到你脸上冒痘痘,就不会嚷嚷你巧克力不吃多了。

10. Gum Swallowed Will Remain in the Stomach for 7 Years 泡泡糖不会在肚子里黏7年Just to stop kids eating unhealthy food, specifically candies and bubble gums, they would scare their kids that if they eat and swallow it, they will not be able to digest it within 7 years!为了不想小孩不吃垃圾食品,特别是在糖果和泡泡糖,父母不会警告说道,如果不小心吐出泡泡糖,它不会仍然撕开肚子里,7年都不消化!拓展读者:【美国教育,原来如此!】中国教育和美国教育之间的差异,仍然都是人们关心并津津乐道的话题。到底是姜还是老的辣的中国教育更胜一筹,还是与时俱进的美国教育后来居上,这是大家长期以来争持不下的话题。【详尽】 【合格的家长是怎样剑法的?!】如果说学校教育是让孩子成才,那么家庭教育就是让孩子茁壮成长。我向来主张的都是,身体健康的茁壮是成才的先决条件,茁壮比成才更加最重要。

【详尽】 【家庭教育,可以这样展开家长参考书】家长们教育孩子的唯一标准就是:感觉。是的,面对着孩子会时常再次发生的有所不同状况,家长们的第一反应乃是当下的情绪所致。


家庭教育于国内的很多父母,是一个盲区。【详尽】 【家长参考书:一个父亲的18个忠告,把孩子培育成普通人!(组图)】一个父亲的给广大家长朋友们的18个忠告,请求把孩子培育成普通人!【详尽】 编辑引荐:美国教育,原来如此!合格的家长是怎样剑法的?!家庭教育,可以这样展开—家长参考书家长参考书:一个父亲的18个忠告,把孩子培育成普通人!。



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